I want to know more about Self Managed Super Funds

There is a lot of media hype about Self Managed Super Funds.  Sorting the facts from fiction can be difficult.  SMSFs are being heavily promoted – particularly by property developers at seminars.

Our office can assist you to determine if a SMSF is right for you. 

  • Do you need to start a SMSF to achieve your financial objectives?
  • Do the benefits justify the costs?
  • What are the real costs?
  • Do you have the time or the expertise to manage your own fund?
  • If you are considering a particular investment, like a geared property purchase, do you have the capital to make it viable?
  • Will your fund have adequate cash flow?
  • Is a lender likely to provide finance?

Some of our clients intend to start their own fund in the future, but do not have adequate funds invested to make it worthwhile at the moment.  We work with those clients to put plans in place to get them to the point that it is worthwhile.

In our experience, a SMSF is not necessarily the best investment vehicle for everyone, and other strategies may be more appropriate.

If you have considered starting a SMSF but are not sure if it is right for you, you may wish to contact our office to make an appointment.