I wish to start a Self Managed Super Fund

If you have made the decision to start your own fund, Frost FP can assist you to do it properly.
We provide a formal recommendation on how to go about it, the costs, and the things to be aware of.

We will advise the trustees on all of the relevant matters including:

  • Appropriate trustee structures
  • Rolling your existing superannuation funds into your new fund
  • Injecting additional capital into the fund
  • Preparing an investment strategy
  • Estate planning for the fund members
  • Cash flow planning
  • Contribution strategies for the members
  • Using the fund to purchase insurance cover in pre-tax dollars
  • Having the fund administered efficiently

If the trustees intend borrowing to invest, we act as the central point of contact and provide instruction to the appropriate professionals on your behalf.

We will provide instruction to our local professional partners to prepare the necessary documents.

Our SMSF trustees are invited to attend our education sessions for new trustees.  These provide valuable information on the major issues that trustees are likely to encounter in managing their fund.  The regulator of SMSFs is the Australian Tax Office.   Your fund will to be audited each year, and a return lodged to the ATO.  You need to administer your fund in a professional manner to ensure that you do not become subject to fines or other penalties from the ATO.

If you wish to establish and manage your fund in a professional manner, contact our office for an appointment to discuss your needs.