Advice for real estate Developers and Builders

Real estate developers are true entrepreneurs.  Perhaps more than anyone, they understand the relationship between risk and reward. 

Our office provides high level strategic advice to builders and developers to enable them to make maximum use of their property expertise, while also taking advantage of the concessional tax treatment of superannuation structures and the asset protection afforded by trust structures.

These strategies require a high degree of expertise in superannuation, taxation and estate planning, and they need to be developed taking into consideration the developer’s individual (often complex) circumstances and goals.

If you are an established or emerging builder or property developer (or a realtor who works with them) and wish to know more about these opportunities, contact our office.


High level Estate Planning Advice

Estate planning can be a sensitive topic, but it is a vital component of financial planning.  Some time invested now can prevent serious financial and emotional distress to your loved ones in the event of your passing.

For some, a professionally prepared will may be all that is required for effective estate planning. 

But for most people, there are other considerations.  Some people who may require specialist advice include

  • People with business partners and/or related business entities
  • Blended families
  • People with high value assets that may form part of an estate
  • People with vulnerable beneficiaries or dependants

Our office provides a specialist service to those with complex estate planning issues to deal with.  We work closely with you to identify your needs, your options, and prepare a brief to forward to a suitably qualified solicitor.

This is a complex process that takes time, but is an invaluable service for those clients with specific needs.