I am retiring soon (or thinking about my retirement)

Retirement should be a rewarding time in your life.  We all want to retire with dignity, and choices.  Sadly, not everyone achieves this goal.  If you are thinking about your retirement our office can provide valuable advice to you.

Leading up to retirement

  • Developing a budget so that you know what income you require in retirement
  • Determining when you can afford to retire
    • (It could be sooner than you think!)
  • Structuring your investments now to potentially increase your retirement income
  • Planning the disposal of assets in a tax effective manner
  • Reducing or eliminating debt


Entering Retirement

  • Gradually reducing your working hours if that is what you want
  • Generating a tax-effective income stream for you in retirement
  • Managing the risks that you take with your investment assets
  • Projecting how long your funds are likely to last in retirement
  • Planning to enhance your entitlement to government benefits
  • Strategies to assist your dependants or beneficiaries

Retirement planning should begin now.  The longer we work with clients leading up to retirement, the better the outcome in retirement is likely to be.

If you have been thinking about retirement, contact our office to make an appointment.