How we do business

Many of our clients are referred to our office by current clients, or local professionals.

When you make contact with us, we will email you a questionnaire to complete and return to us. We will then make contact and on most occasions, offer you an appointment at no charge. If there will be a charge for the first appointment, we will let you know in advance.

If clients require “one-off” advice, we can provide that service.

If clients require an ongoing relationship to ensure that they achieve their financial goals, we can provide those services.

There are times when we cannot assist people.  If this is the case, we will endeavour to refer you to someone who can.

Our process for providing advice involves seven steps.


Our Fees

We do not charge any new clients commissions on investments, nor fees based on the level of your assets. Our fees are based on the services that clients require. Fees and services are agreed upfront before we commence any work. Either an agreed flat fee or our professional hourly rates.

Our fees to provide ongoing services to our clients are reviewed annually. They are indexed annually. Clients who retain our services on an ongoing basis can terminate our services at any time.

We are paid commissions from life insurance providers on policies that we sell or service.

First Meeting

Getting to know each other
Analysing the information that you have provided to us
Determining your current circumstances and your needs
Determining whether we can assist you

Gathering the facts

Obtaining all of your relevant  details
Discussing your attitude to risk

Agreeing on the service

Describing the services that we can offer you
Informing you of the fees to provide that service

Obtaining your agreement to proceed

Preparing our Advice

Analysing possible strategies
Researching appropriate financial products
Preparing a formal recommendation

Presenting the Advice

Present our advice in a written document
Explaining the recommendations and the reasons for them

Answering questions you may have

Implementing the Advice

Accepting your instructions to proceed
Instructing other professionals on your behalf

Preparing applications and other documents

Ongoing Reviews

Only provided if you retain our services on an ongoing basis
Establishing regular review intervals
Reporting progress to you

Making changes to your strategy in response to such things
as your circumstances, your needs or legislation


Frost Financial Planning How we do Business
Frost Financial Planning How we do Business