Our Business Philosophy

As a financial planner, you might expect us to focus on money for our clients - but our relationship with our clients runs deeper than that. 

Trust is the most important element of our relationship with our clients.  We know that we have to earn that trust, and this is a key focus of our business.

Everything we do is focussed on developing strategies for our clients.  The strategies are determined by our clients’ circumstances, their personal values, and what they want to achieve.

Financial products are secondary considerations – they are only recommended if required to implement strategies. (We are not “product floggers”.)

We provide advice on a range of asset classes, including property funds and shares.  Many of our clients have a strong affinity with a particular class of asset.  We work closely with them to develop strategies that suit their preferences.

Our Client Value Proposition

"Money isn’t an end in itself – it is only a means to an end.  We develop personalised strategies designed to create wealth for you - so that you can live your dreams. We are your partners on your journey."

Managing Risk

While we provide advice to clients on a wide range of things, ultimately, there is a common theme running through our advice.  We help clients to manage the risks associated with their strategies.

Eliminating risk is the ideal outcome – but that is not always possible.  Investing involves taking some risks.  Our role is to ensure that clients only take as much risk as necessary to achieve their goals.

Sometimes the appropriate advice we can give to clients is “Do nothing.”  If a client is presented with a dubious investment opportunity (there is no shortage of them), taking our advice not to invest can prevent serious wealth destruction.

Our People

Our staff members are integral to the services that we provide to our clients.   We aim to be the employer of choice in financial services in Darwin.  To achieve that, we educate and empower our staff so that they enjoy their work and provide valuable services to our clients.

Our Professional Relationships

We have developed relationships with a select range of local professionals, who we refer our clients to when they have particular needs.  These professionals include accountants, solicitors, insurance brokers, conveyancing agents and mortgage brokers.  We do not receive any payments from them.  We refer clients to them because we are confident that they will provide the highest standards of service and help our clients on their financial journey.